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Your vehicle’s most important safety component is its braking system. Lightning Auto Care Center’s technicians are here to make sure you receive the best brake repair services possible. We’re a team of experts that are going to service your brakes before something goes wrong. The secret to keeping you and your passengers safe is get your vehicle’s components inspected according to an effective schedule. We offer free brake inspections that let you know exactly what condition your brakes are in. Being proactive about your brake’s maintenance services will keep you ahead of any brake repair need. Your braking system is built with an early alert system to notify you when your brakes need service. This is typically a high-pitched squeal whenever you apply your brakes. While this sound can go unnoticed by drivers that are in a noisy cabin, the noise is unmistakable to other drivers and pedestrians. It’s a good idea to occasionally drive with your window down and your radio off so you can hear if there are any abnormal sounds coming from your braking system. The alert means that your brake pads have worn too low, and you should come to Lightning Auto Care Center as soon as possible for quality brake repair service.

Quality brake repair service will keep you safe on the road for many, many miles. All it takes is the watchful eyes of our brake repair experts. Our team believes in finding potential problems and solving them before they ever occur. Lightning Auto Care Center doesn’t want you to have to worry about your vehicle’s most important safety feature. Another sign of brake malfunction can be felt in the steering wheel vibration or brake pedal. If you notice this slight shuddering every time you apply your brakes, then you definitely need to schedule an appointment with our experts. After a while, your squealing brakes will start to sound like metal-on-metal grinding. At this point, you brakes need immediate attention. Bring your vehicle to Lightning Auto Care Center in Schofield, WI as soon as you can! Any further delay can result in expensive damages. Your brake rotors, drums, and calipers are just a few of the braking system parts that can become compromised. To make sure you remain safe on the road, you will need to replace these damaged parts.

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Brakes are way too important to delay receiving services. Pay attention to any warning signs, and seek professional attention when you notice something wrong. Take advantage of our free brake inspection service so you can have the most accurate and current information about your braking system’s condition. Give us a call today at 715-359-6810 to schedule your next brake repair service or inspection appointment. Feel free to use our online scheduling system to schedule your appointment right now!