Check Engine Light Service in Schofield, WI

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Check Engine Light came on, now what?

Today is the day to finally get that check engine light turned off! It usually comes on out of nowhere with no warning signs or clues as to why. It’s no time to panic just yet, but today is definitely the best day to get your check engine light taken care of. Lightning Auto Care Center understands that you didn’t plan a check engine light service into your schedule today, that’s why we make it as quick and efficient as possible. And more importantly, we make it ACCURATE. The number of possible reasons for your check engine light alert is wide-ranging. You could be experiencing a serious engine or transmission malfunction, or simply a loose gas cap. There’s no way of diagnosing the problem without visiting the professional technicians at Lightning Auto Care Center. We make sure your diagnosis is correct, using state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Bring your vehicle to our repair facility to get all the answers you need. Delaying your check engine light service can cause extensive damages to your vehicle. You won’t know the extent of the damage until it’s too late. The check engine light alert was designed to give you enough time to come to Lightning Auto Care Center in Schofield, WI.

Your check engine light alert does not mean you’re going to breakdown today! However, it also does not mean it should be ignored. A solid red light is the usual check engine light indication that you should come to Lightning Auto Care Center as soon as possible. We’ll use the industry’s most advanced equipment to make sure you’re on a path to optimal performance. Drivers may think that they have more time than they actually do. Because your car feels like it’s driving better than ever does not mean that you’re not doing damage to your vehicle. When drivers wait too long they can run into an emergency situation. If your check engine light goes ignored, it will eventually start to blink. This means there is a serious problem with your vehicle, and it should be brought to Lightning Auto Center immediately!

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Service

Get your vehicle’s check engine light serviced today! We’ll restore your confidence in your vehicle by answering all check engine light questions. Using the most advanced diagnostic equipment, Lightning Auto Care Center will get to the bottom of your vehicle’s check engine light. Call us today at 715-359-6810 to schedule your check engine light service. You can go ahead and schedule your appointment right now using our convenient online scheduling system. We look forward to solving your check engine light mystery!